<3 Grant Imahara
<3 Neon Hitch

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Because I like to paint

 Because Nemo is super cool <3

 Because recycling is good for our enviroment

Because FBLA kids are cool 

 Because Easter is fun when kid are around. 

Because Boombox love is forever

Because the Ina face is so attractive 

Because I thought these cocoons were fake from the extraordinary colors

Because it’s prom!!!

Because Kids Who Care volunteers are AMAZING! 

Because it is the last pep rally that I’ll walk out with these sexy ladies. 

Because I like to dress up

Because I get very bored when waiting for my drinks at Starbucks.

Because it’s cooler to go to LACMA with your girlfriends

Because she turned 18 and we met “Obama” that day!

Because we’re pretty amazing seniors!

Dont you just love how this is just one long ass post?